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For the past 9 months, I have been obsessed with the nonsensical poetry that is Horse_ebooks.  The tweets are usually full of suspense, wisdom and beauty. 

These necklaces are an ode to Horse. These brass  lockets are all tarnished, and have noticeable age spots, scratches and imperfections throughout. Made in NYC.  Hand engraved.

The lockets have a picture of Horse inside. Chain is 28". Please let us know if you would like the chain cut to a different length. 

Quote options:

1. Is the dance floor calling? No

2. I'm not a sommelier. I'm not a wine snob. Heck, I dont even work.

3. I dont know about you, but I sure as heck dont want to look like a strange dude

4. Want to unlock the hidden doors of your inner being? Abraham Lincoln has the key

5. For decades I've been mastering my tomato

***Want a different quote? Choose "other" in the drop down and specify your quote during check-out.  Please allow an extra 10 days for new quotes. Note: longer quotes look best on the lockets.

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Im not a sommelier, Is the dance floor calling?, I dont know about you but I sure as heck, Want to unlock the inner doors to, Ask your dumbass friends if they, For decades Ive been mastering my tomato, Other


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