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How can the luxurious goods market try looking in light of Michael Kors' sales figuresFirst published: 05-06-2014Luxury goods brand Michael Kors - which specialises in handbags, high-end clothing as well as, replica watches - has reported a substantial rise in both revenue and comparable sales due to the fourth trading quarter, which accounts for the time scale ending on March 29th 2014.During this date, there are 555 Michael Kors stores located across the world, including concessions, which caused an income increase of 53.6 percentage, taking its total current value to 548 million.Gross profits grew by 54.2 percentage to 328 million, while retail net sales rose by 49.7 per cent to 243 million. The second figure is thought for being primarily to a 26.2 per cent rise in comparable store sales, together with due to openings of 101 new stores throughout the last 12 months.Chairman and ceo of Michael Kors John D Idol commented: montblanc montreal watches "We believe that our expanding global brand awareness is driving continued strong demand for our luxury product and fuelling our growth to be a global luxury lifestyle brand."In addition, Michael Kors and our talented design team continue to deliver exceptional products even though the distinctive jet-set in-store experience that any of us offer in our retail stores and out shop-in-shops will continue to resonate well with your consumers."From the sales figures, it is clear and understandable that Michael Kors' replica watches, handbags and so forth are used by consumers, but what would they mean to the luxury goods market overall?The company may very well be situated in Hong Kong, but it may be having a significant effect on the international market, with revenue in The usa alone rising by 43 % and most doubling in Europe.Furthermore, reports suggest Michael Kors is holding a against competitor brands from the luxury goods market, taking sales away from well-established labels for example Louis Vuitton - a remarkable feat for the Hong Kong brand merely has been operating for 33 years rolex submariner white gold watches , while its rival currently is to use 150th year.However, a study from Italian luxury industry association Altagamma predicts the planet high-end goods market will simply surge in value by 4.6 per cent this season, a lot slower rate of growth versus the 6.5 per-cent recorded in 2013.A body found that the amount individuals are spending on luxury goods is at a steady level though, with purchases of replica watches, other jewellery, cosmetics and perfumes recently increasing by six per-cent.Understandably, Michael Kors' recent financial results show the luxurious goods information mill still a common one and is continuing to attract consumers.Business claims it expects its revenues for your first quarter with the next trading year to attain about between 500 million and 510 million, with figures for fiscal 2015 expected to total around 2.4 billion.Mr Idol concluded: rolex replica "Overall, we've got great momentum as we go to fiscal 2015 and turn into very enthusiastic about our growth prospects for pick up and beyond." replica breitling world watches
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